Immigrants Healthier than Native New Jerseyans

By Sara Lee Kessler

A new report that looks at the health of the newest New Jerseyans: immigrants, reveals that they are healthier than native New Jerseyans.  Read more of this post


Police and Firefighters Rally in Trenton

By Jerry Henry

An estimated seven to ten thousand police and fire departments, from across the state, some of them laid off as a result of local budget cuts came to the state house today to protest. Read more of this post

NJ Senate & Assembly Consider Move to Override Christie’s Vetoes

By Michael Aron

 In December both houses passed a multi-bill package of tax credits and other job-creating incentives.  Two weeks ago Governor Christie vetoed twelve of Read more of this post

North Jersey Water Supply Commission Under Scrutiny by Governor

By Desiree Taylor

 The North Jersey District Water Supply Commission (NJDWSC) oversees the largest water supply system in the state.  It serves over two million North Read more of this post

Reaction to Police & Fire Fighters Protest

By Zachary Fink

Police and fire fighters, along with other public safety workers, protested layoffs in their towns and what they call an attack on their benefits outside Read more of this post