President Obama Defends Public Workers

By Jim Hooker

 President Obama, in a televised speech to a gathering of the National Governors Association at the White House, said public workers shouldn’t be demonized and that the pay and benefits of police, firefighters, teachers and other public servants should reflect a valued place in American society.  The President’s remarks come after weekend demonstrations by organized labor around the country, including a Trenton rally last Friday that drew more than 3,000 unionized New Jersey public workers in support of workers in Wisconsin and in opposition to cuts being sought here by Governor Christie.

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One Response to President Obama Defends Public Workers

  1. harry perry says:

    He will not give federal employees a break. Iam a retiree with over 37 years of service and my pension after deductions is under $2000 a month plus i have worked enough quarters in the private secter to qualitfy for social security but because i receive a federal pension my social security benefits get reduced 30%.THESE ARE FACTS… SO WHEN EVEVYONE COMPLAINS ABOUT PUBLIC WORKERS PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THE FEDERAL BEMPLOYEE.

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