Urban Enterprise Zone Program to be Cut

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

 Should the UEZ Program, a state downtown redevelopment initiative, be continued?  A Christie administration report recommends ending the 28-year old Urban Enterprise Zone program. The report, by the New Jersey Institute of Technology and outside consultants, finds the program is costly and “bureaucratically cumbersome.”  However, at least two Democrats in the legislature, and several urban officials, say the UEZ is vital to many downtown districts and should be saved.

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One Response to Urban Enterprise Zone Program to be Cut

  1. Vinnie Frantantoni says:

    If our politicians believe the reduced sales tax is a great incentive to increase business & encourage development, then reduce the sales tax in the entire state! Eliminate UEZ’s and reduce the sales tax to 5% for the entire state. We will then attract shoppers from our adjoining states and ultimately our increased sales will result in increased sales tax revenue. But this simple, logical, practical idea will probably not be considered by the Trenton “Gang of 120”.

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