Public Workers to Rally in Trenton on Friday

By Zachary Fink

New Jersey public workers are gearing up for contentious contract negotiations with the Christie administration.  A rally is scheduled for Friday at the state house.  Many union leaders say the details of the new contract will be the next conversation, debate and potential battle they will face when contracts expire in June.

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4 Responses to Public Workers to Rally in Trenton on Friday

  1. luis cabrera says:

    New Jersey needs to become a right to work state if we are going to lower our property tax and all the other taxes that has plage N.J. for decades ,,,,,,,,,,,Iam confident Gov. Christy will do whats right for N.J.

    • luis cabrera says:

      Wonder if the Government employees ,are going to protest on their own time or the tax payers are going to pick up the tap for this protest ,,times are tough and we need to save every penny

    • charlie says:

      Average salaries are $5,333 less per year in right to work states.
      Workplace deaths are 51% higher in right to work states.
      21% more workers lack health insurance in right to work states.
      The poverty rate is 12.5% in right to work states compared to 10.2% in other states.

  2. charlie says:

    The public’s jobs went overseas or their pay was cut or they did no get riases that kept up with inflation. They did not fight to keep what they had, they let corporate America roll right over them. Instead of trying to get back to where they were before the worst economic crisis since the depression they want to drag everyone down to their level. Soon there will be two classes in this country, rich and poor.

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