Study Links Heavy Rainfall to Greenhouse Gases

By Ed Rodgers

The question climate researchers are often asked after a flood or some other extreme weather event is if global warming contributed to the intensity of the storm.  The results of a recently released study in the United Kingdom examined conditions for a heavy storm using models with greenhouse gases lower than at current levels.

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One Response to Study Links Heavy Rainfall to Greenhouse Gases

  1. Jeff Mattingly says:

    Give me a break, climate change happens! There is more than one billion years of history carved out in the Grand Canyons that conclusively shows this cyclical evidence. It is the arrogance of man’s desire to control that would have you believe that anything we do or not do could control the forces of the cosmos. Being good stewards of our planet should be everyone’s first concern but do not be decieved into believing that we can stop catastrophies or change the climate one way or another. Incidently, according to Grand Canyon historical events we are over ripe for an Ice Age. What do you suppose precipitates that, consistent weather?

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