Governor Christie Drops the Bills

By Zachary Fink

Governor Christie unconditionally vetoed 14 bills that were part of a package of bills promoted by Democrats and intended to spur job creation.   Read more of this post


Inside Politics: Q and A with Dan Cassino

By Jim Hooker

Dan Cassino, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Fairleigh Dickinson University, discusses Governor Christie’s address in Washington at the Read more of this post

NJ Cub Scout Goes to Washington

By Dari Mandell

After nearly a week in Washington D. C. Vasant Bhardwaj, a New Jersey cub scout, returned home from his “monumental” trip.   Read more of this post

Deregulation of Telephone & Cable Services Passes in Assembly

By Desiree Taylor

Supporters of the Market Competition and Consumer Choice Act say the time is right to deregulate basic cable and landline phone service.  Read more of this post

Wharton Mayor Frustrated by Budget Challenges

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

The state’s new two percent property tax cap and a push for towns to consolidate services have put new pressures on municipal leaders who are Read more of this post

Reporters Roundtable – Friday, February 18, 2011

Host: Michael Aron

New Jersey education reforms, New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney’s public employee health benefits proposal, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s recent school construction announcement. Read more of this post