League of Municipalities Holds 19th Annual Mayor’s Legislative Day

By Michael Aron

With 200 mayors in attendance, Senate President Stephen Sweeney spoke about the need for health care reform.  Currently most public workers pay 1.5 percent of salary for health coverage.  Sweeney’s plan would phase in, over seven years, a three-tiered system where employees would pay between 12 and 30 percent of the actual cost of the policy.

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One Response to League of Municipalities Holds 19th Annual Mayor’s Legislative Day

  1. Jeff Mattingly says:

    There is little suprise that the unions want to keep the process in collective bargaining, that is exactly why we are where we are, because little or nothing comes out of it by way of change even when the situation reaches critical mass. Speaker Oliver is right on when she says look at what percentage your saleries, pensions and benefits are of your school and municipal budgets. The “collective bargaining” benefit increases are staggering, accounting for large tax increases annually forcing the bonding of long term public debt to accomplish the smallest of repairs and improvements to infrastrure. The fact is there are only two way to reform, legislatively or through total dissolusion of the current system of funding pensions and healthcare, in other word, let it collapse and bankruptsy judges sort it out..

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