Senate Majority Leader Touts Public Education

By Desiree Taylor

Middlesex County Democrat Barbara Buono, who has criticized the state aid cuts to public schools, spent the day visiting an East Brunswick elementary school to tout public education.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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One Response to Senate Majority Leader Touts Public Education

  1. Jeff Mattingly says:

    The vast majority of NJ public schools and teachers are doing a good to very good job of effectively educating our children in a clean and save environment. Why then are vouchers, provided by business tax credits supported by Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, our largest city? Because too many urban schools are continuing to fail year after year depriving yet another generation of children the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty in spite of the fact that they receive the highest degree of subsidized funding in the state. Money is not the problem or it would have been fixed a long time ago, accountability is the issue and all else is smoke and diversion. Twenty public schools in NYC are being closed this year due to declined enrollment, why, because they failed their mandate.

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