County Prosecutors Study Recommends Sharing Services

By Desiree Taylor

A report by a Governor Christie appointed commission issued a series of recommendations to help ease the financial burden of criminal prosecutions on counties.  The suggestion to share services and establish new sources of revenue to defray the costs of prosecution services appealed to John Donnadio, Deputy Executive Director, of the NJ Association of Counties.

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2 Responses to County Prosecutors Study Recommends Sharing Services

  1. Jeff Mattingly says:

    Local corruption cases are often buried by county prosecutors because of the power and pressure of local politics. The only recourse is to apeals to state courts and that takes time and is expensive or go to the press and hope for the best. If prosecutors are under the thumb of the State Attorney General then they should be run by the AG’s office and be appointed by the Governor at who’s feet any negligence should fall. The only reason I can see for having them run county by county is to give county government a reason to exist and to prolong disolusion. County government is a dinosaur of years past before there were consolidated townships. Lets do as Conn. did and get rid of it and it’s ever widening debt. Heres the right first step.

  2. Vinnie Frantantoni says:

    Having the state assume the costs of the county prosecutors office will NOT save taxpayers a single dime. Whether the state or the county pay these costs, the cash simply comes from different pockets, but the pockets are in the same pair of pants, THE TAXPAYERS! The state already took over costs of the court system and I believe the welfare departments. If we transfer the prosecutors costs to the state also, we can make a good argument for getting rid of county government. Politicians & commissions fail to address the real reasons for our oppressive tax bills, OUT-OF-CONTROL GOVERNMENT SALARIES, BENEFITS,& PENSIONS.

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