Assembly Budget Committee to Review Fiscal Year 2011 Budget

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

The Assembly Budget Committee heard a mid-point update of revenue projections for the first half of the fiscal year.  Read more of this post

Opportunity Scholarship Act Under Review

By Zachary Fink

The Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee is considering the Opportunity Scholarship Act which gives tax credits to Read more of this post

Governor Christie Holds Roundtable Discussion at Creating Jersey Jobs Summit

By Michael Aron

Governor Christie, his top economic advisors, and 17 high-level corporate executives from various companies throughout the state gathered Read more of this post

Breast Cancer in Men

By Sara Lee Kessler

 It is a common misconception that men don’t get breast cancer.  Nearly one-percent of the over 200,000 breast cancer cases diagnosed each year Read more of this post

New Jersey Airports Have Highest and Lowest Fares

By Desiree Taylor

According to the latest quarterly data from the U.S. Department of Transportation New Jersey airports have the highest and lowest airfares Read more of this post