Turnpike Authority Considering Privatizing Toll Collection Jobs

By Briana Vannozzi

 Under the Turnpike Authority’s request for proposals (RFP) to privatize toll collection jobs, employees who remain would face significant pay cuts.  Read more of this post

Medical Reserve Corps Seeks Volunteers

By Sara Lee Kessler

Medical Reserve Corps volunteers are needed throughout the state. Volunteers are trained in everything from first aid to CPR and are prepared for all sorts of Read more of this post

Governor Blames Police & Firefighter Unions for Layoffs

By Michael Aron

Governor Christie doesn’t agree that crime is increasing in Newark and Camden due to police layoffs.  Read more of this post

State Senate President Sweeney Endorses Shared Services

By Jerry Henry

Camden County officials appreciate State Senate President Stephen Sweeney’s support of a proposal for regional county police and fire departments.  Read more of this post

Governor Christie & Mayor Booker Kick Off “Go Newark Hoopfest”

By Desiree Taylor

The Rock will soon be rocking with thousands of fans from around the country when the NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball tournament kicks off in Newark Read more of this post

Schar USA to Open Manufacturing Facility in Gloucester County

By Dari Mandell

Gloucester County will be home to Schar USA’s first United States manufacturing facility.  Read more of this post