In-Home Behavioral Health Therapy on Cutting Block

By Dari Mandell

The Department of Children and Families is ending in-home therapy on March 30 for approximately 3,000 New Jersey children who have behavioral or mental health problems.  The move would save the state two million dollars.

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2 Responses to In-Home Behavioral Health Therapy on Cutting Block

  1. Alexis E. Benson says:

    How is it possible that a task force was formed over the closing of Hagedorn, and not for the halting of these services?

    This is a matter of civil rights and decency, which is something this greed based society has syphened from those in power.

    Expect poverty, divorce, and medical consequences which result from unattended mental illnesses. Expect obesity, smoking and risky behaviors. Expect bullying and suicide. Is the budget truly worth that?

    If so, then transportation services and outpatient clinical services had better be addressed. Higher education institutions should be offered grants to increase and attract talented social workers to provide care in schools. Creative solutions are in order. Otherwise we may as well be putting lead in the water.

    MSW candidate
    Rutgers University

  2. Robin H. Schneider MSW, LSW says:

    In home therapy id critical especially for children and adolescents wherre reunification is the goal. In home therapy is sometimes the only way to engage children and famil;ieswho are resistant to treatment and will not go to therapy. This moving backwords. it is time our ELECTED OFFICIALS, STATE WORKERS WHO ARE ALSO DRAWING FROM THE WELL get back in touchj with reality.

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