On The Record – Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hosted by Michael Aron
Two funnier members of the legislature discuss NJ government and politics.
Senator and former Governor Dick Codey – (D) Essex County
Assemblyman Jon Bramnick –(R) Conference Minority Leader


Breaking news, analysis, background reports and updates on major issues in New Jersey.

One Response to On The Record – Sunday, January 23, 2011

  1. Anne Iswise says:

    Dear Michael: The January 21, 2011 On the Record with Senators Dick Cody and Jon Bramnik while intended to be a “humorous” show as an excellent example of civility, professionalism, and maturity between two politicians from different parties. They showed how folks can “agree to disagree” yet still be collegial and respectful toward one another. In light of the anger, rage and hostility exhibited by the electorate and the elected, this show should be a “must see” for every aspiring politician and for many of those currently in office. On a very different note, I watch both On the Record and Reporters Roundtable on a regular basis, they’re both very good shows. I thoroughly enjoyed the show in which you hosted the political news bloggers. Unlike some of the print reporters who are sometimes guests on your show, these bloggers acted as though they really wanted to BE on the show so I hope you’ll repeat that format. Second, I would appreciate seeing more reporters of color included in the mix of those reporters featured on Reporters Roundtable. Thank you.

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