Legislation to Create NJ’s First School Voucher Program Debated

By Zachary Fink

The Opportunity Scholarship Act would create a five year pilot program.  Tax breaks would be offered to corporations which would fund scholarships for public school students to attend parochial and private schools.  Initially the program would be available to 13 under-performing districts or 166 schools.  Budget Chairman Paul Sarlo threatened not to hold a vote after he was informed that the Department of Education would not be sending a representative.

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One Response to Legislation to Create NJ’s First School Voucher Program Debated

  1. ernie cooney says:

    It is about time parents may finally be able to send their children to any accredited schools of their choosing along with vouchers to pay for it.

    It is time we offer all parents more choice in education and vouchers to fund it, and this should not be limited to Public and charter schools it should cover any accredited schools in the state.

    We have to break the strangle hold that the N.J.E.A. Union has on public education in the state, we can do this with choice and having more people that are not related or have friends working in education getting involved and running for these positions on school boards.

    The costs of education in NJ is out of control, more choice will help to correct it and use more of the funding for what it is intended for, the children,whenever there is a funding issue the children and their programs suffer.

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