New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s 2011 State of the State

NJN News provides complete live coverage of Governor Chris Christie’s State of the State speech to a joint session of the New Jersey State Legislature on Tuesday, January 11 at 2 pm. The program airs simultaneously on NJN Public Radio and online with a rebroadcast at 10 pm.

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Governor Chris Christie 2011 State of the State Address text

Senior political correspondent Michael Aron, senior anchor Jim Hooker and State House correspondent Zachary Fink cover the governor’s address as he discusses his administration’s accomplishments over the past year and its agenda for 2011. Montclair State University political scientist Brigid Harrison along with Republican political analyst Roger Bodman and Democratic political strategist Julie Roginsky provide analysis. NJN News also provides coverage of the Democratic response immediately following Governor Christie’s speech.

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68 Responses to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s 2011 State of the State

  1. Maryann Perkins says:

    Thank you, Governor Christie, for an inspirational State of the State speech and for your courage and honesty. May 2011 be another year of successes for you and the Great State of NJ.

  2. Mary says:

    Gov. Christie is a great man. His honesty and determination are just what New Jersey needs to get back on the right track.

    Keep up the great and hard work so my children can grow up in this state and I can retire here.

    • Susan says:

      Your ignorance is shining through.

      • Mary says:

        You feel that I am ignorant for stating my feelings about the work of a man who is brave enough to stand up to the biggest enemy of this great state, the unions (most especially the teachers unions). I can only gather from your statement that you are a person who is either a member of this union of people who continues to soak the tax payers and keep the poor poor, or you are a person who reaps the benefits of a family member who is a union member.

        As a non-union family, we can only say to the unions and the government, get your hands out of my pockets and do your job and be happy to have one. We non-union people either change the job to get better pay if one is available or shut up and do the job.’

        We don’t take hand out and put in an honest days work for an honest days pay or we would be fired.

      • Mary Bosrch says:

        Oh, Mary….
        Too much goofing off in high school? Were you left in your 20’s with no life plan? Are you bitter you didn’t get a union job? Move on, oh bitter one. Move on.

      • gerald sabawa says:

        Listen folks I am not a state government worker or member of any union.Ani I do believe the teachers and their union are going to have to pitch in.But lets take alook at the condition of the public employees pension system PERS.The governor has portrayed the state worker and their unions as the cause of the taxpayers woes in the state.Simple fact:THE pension fund has had money taken out starting with Governor Whitman who said the pension fund was OVERFUNDED.THE State has not put their contributionin fort 10 out of 11 years.The one year they did contribute was not the full required match.So the fund was raped by taking money out and further devestated by the state not contributing their portion.And to top that off the pension fund lost interest on all those monies for the 10 yeasrs of historic growth in all investment funds.Now the fund is underfunded by 45 billion dollars and it’s the state workers fault.Sounds like mismanagement to me.THEN lets take a look at another aspect of the pension fund.We all know about PERS.What about the employees in TIACREF?The state contributes 8% of an employees salary to TIACREF and all alternate pension funds except PERS.All those employees have had the STATE contribute every penny required unlike PERS.So those individuals vwill get everything they were promised while the PERS employees are at risk of their fund collapsing.Is that fair?Why doesn’t this great governor talk about this double standard?

  3. jim says:

    he says charter schools are the way to go, Guess what it is not. Charter schools do not take bad kids or kids that there grades are not good so that means you are just taking good kids and putting them in good schools and keeping the bad kids in the old schools. You don’t fix school problems like that.
    Plus firing teachers are not the way to go also. The should looks at the school as a hole and all teacher that teach in that school. so the teachs will all work together for there kids in there school and all the teachers in school can get a rasie.
    What will happen under the gov’s rules. You will get all good teachs and they will move to the white subbors were the good kids go to school and teach there and all the so so teaches will be in the citys with the bad kids. Putting good kids and bad kids in differnet class rooms its like putting black and white kids in diffnert class. I thought we did away with that back in the 60’s.
    This Gov better watch out he just might be leaving gorvment and have a new one next time.

    • hamiltonian says:

      I think you must have been one of the students who needed to be kept back…your command of the enlish language is atricious!!

      • Mike says:

        Laughing at at enlish and atricious. (God I do hope that was a joke, but I guess it is funny either way.) Unions are bad now? I missed the memo. Funny, go look at all the places that outscore us on tests because of the evil teacher’s union “soaking” the poor defenseless public. Then realize that nobody is running to live there. Union’s have been a force for immeasurable good in our nation. They civilized the excesses of industrialization and turned hellish working conditions into safe and healthy careers. They fight for good wages and good jobs and good policies. Bust best of luck taking the education profession, destroying the possibility of earning reasonable wage, closing all existing schools, opening up new schools (that sounds cheap) and staffing them with the scions of literature and science who I am sure will flock to all of our salvation and teach our kids without soaking the system. Seriously, I hate taxes as much as the next guy. But I hate living in the stone age more. Deal with it.

        • Brendan says:

          In case you haven’t noticed, Mike, unions pretty much destroyed the entire manufacturing industry in this country. Unions like the transit workers union of NYC protested and closed down subways, while normal private sector workers who have no paid health care or pension had to walk across the bridges and tunnels to get home. Union jobs are the only jobs where an individual will be paid and treated better than what their qualifications deserve them. They do this obviously by taxing the private sector employees that work 40-60 hours a week. My own grandfather was a language teacher in NJ and I am very proud of him, but public employees must realize that their customers are the residents of this state and must suffer like everyone else during an economic crisis.

    • Vito says:

      Jim, as far as schools go, it seems that yours did not offer lessons in grammar or spelling. That said, the point that charter schools are not viable alternatives to district schools may have some merit, excuse the pun. If schools require a standard of educated students to qualify them to continue in their studies, there may be an arbitrary separation of performing and underperforming students. That flies in the face of the concept of “No child left behind”; moreover, it incentivizes school superintendents to slowly reabsorb under-performers by relaxing standards by mandate. In that way, all students will be “a little bit above average”.

    • John says:

      Hey Jim,
      Work on your own education and grammar before you try and dis on Gov. Christie.

  4. Fred Walker says:

    God Bless You, Governor Christie. As a lifelong New Jersey resident your vision is remarkable. We support all your vision. As citizens, you can call on us to push your agenda forward. Call on us like all other New Jersey citizens to help reach your goals.
    Again, God bless you,

    Fred and Bonnie Walker
    Linwood, New Jersey

  5. Mason says:

    Terrific speech. As someone looking to leave New Jersey, I now have hope that I can stay.

  6. Susan says:

    Shame on you, Chris Christie! Going after teachers is just lower than low. I would pay good money to see you try to teach for one day!

    • Joe says:

      He’s not going after anyone. As far as benefits are concerned, the money is simply not there, and the system is simply unsustainable. It’s not a matter of what you do or don’t deserve. It’s a matter of what’s possible.

      As far as the other recommendations, any decent teacher should welcome them since they will benefit from them.

    • Andrea says:

      Here, here Susan. As a woman just completing her certification to teach here in NJ, I would love to see him squeeze his behind in a classroom for just ONE week. Please. He has all the answers but they continue to benefit the rich, and not help the poor or vulnerable. Charter schools are NOT the way to go!

  7. Hard Worker State Employee says:

    When was the last time a school was built in the Trenton School District? The teacher who teach in Trenton have so much to deal with. The have to make sure the kids get to class without dristratctions from Gangs, Drugs and let’s not forget not having enough textbooks.
    Primary educators buy their own supplies for their students,like snacks, cleaning supplies
    , in some cases education story books. So now the Govn. is going to remove tenure and go to the merit system. This underminds the entire educational process. This will turn teachers against each other, and moral will plumment. I would like to see his own children go to public school, not at a private school where he pays $26,975.00 a year for one child.

    • Mary says:

      No teacher should be buying food or cleaning supplies for their students. Poor students families receive food stamps and other assistance to help families take care of their children. Already too much getting handed out.

      As for teachers buying cleaning supplies, I think these teachers should be wondering where all of the money from state and local taxes is going to.

      I bet these same schools have not had text books in years and where did all of the money go that should have gone to the books go, into someones salaries or worse into someones pockets. Hope we find out soon because these children can only rise to achieve independence with a good education. Solve the poverty problem by solving the corruption in the state. Give the kids what has been robbed from them in terms of education. Christie need not give more funding but find out where all the funds have been going. NJ has way too many administrators. Teachers need supplies and support. Get rid of administrators and use the salaries for supplies.

      • Dawn says:

        You have GOT to be kidding me! I can’t tell you how many “back to school” nights I’ve attended where there have been volunteer sheets for supplies…potting soil, tissues, hand soap, paper plates, not to mention the things I’ve donated as a homeroom mom…crafts, goodie bags, the list goes on and on!!! I have also donated at least THREE books to every teacher my sons have ever had from every book fair held at their schools (twice a year).

        I have always been happy to do this and I’ve always been lucky in that I’ve been very happy with my sons teachers. You, however, sound like an ungrateful, sniveling witch who’s only looking out for herself! How did you and others like you feel last year when your untenured co-workers lost their jobs????? Oh, but it wasn’t your fault, was it? Nobody was trying to take ANYTHING out of your pocket…you were asked to take a ONE year pay freeze, not too much to ask when alot of people in this state haven’t had raises for years, not too much to ask when alot of people don’t even have JOBS!!!

        My God, stop acting like you’re so special and get your head out of the clouds!!!

    • John says:

      Why is it that 90% of all the people trying to attack Chris Christie on this page, can’t even write a sentence? Man! Are schools really that bad in NJ? Christie is right, get rid of all your teachers and start fresh.

    • Donna says:

      Dear Hard Worker State Employee,
      Why shouldn’t Gov Christie tenure and go to the merit system? Isn’t that how us “normal folks” live? Times have changed and we all have to make adjustments accordingly. We are broke…What entitles them to tenure? Ok, we get it, there are good teachers, there are bad teachers, just like in every other job out there and there are also plenty of young teachers looking for jobs. Maybe that’s what we need, CHANGE. Their greed is disgusting… they want to take – take – take… You said,
      This threat of “turning teachers against each other and moral will plummet?” What are they animals? Don’t they know how to live in the “real” world? Teachers have had this sense of entitlement for way too long. I just hope that if changes do come, they learn to adjust in the real world who truly do understand the state of our economy.

  8. TLWM says:

    Sure, not everyone will be happy with everything the Governor is proposing, but he’s using common sense and running the state the way I try to run a household. Sometimes you have to say no to spending, because you just can’t afford it. Yes, my pension will be affected, but if we all sacrifice a little, a lot more people will benefit. I won’t go hungry if my pension is less or I have pay a little more for my health benefits. I’ll just have to adjust my expectations and live within my means. We all need to see the difference between what we want and what we need. I respect the Governor’s “Jersey attitude.” He knows how to say no and mean it. That’s not easy in a society that has lived through the “good times” and demands more services, money, and more possessions.

  9. Ada says:

    I want my rights protected. I am tired of these political people thinking they can gain recognition through fame. I don’t find them entertaining and they have also abused my freedom of the press rights. This country is getting very upsetting with the way the system is being ran. We need to stop the violence by keeping their families out of office. His family is becoming an annoyance to the public. Keep them out of office, they are motivated to be the majority of the people committing hate crimes when they don’t get what they want.

  10. Rose says:

    I watched the speech and am glad I moved out of New Jersey. I was born, raised and worked in NJ all my life until I retired from, YES, education. The governor talked about all the “good” he has done, but did not talk about the bad. For instance, why didn’t he talk about the failing charter schools? When he talked about getting rid of tenure, I noticed many people in the audience DID NOT clap. He didn’t talk about how he blasted the teachers. Then you wonder No one has respect for teachers any longer, especially the kids. What is the criteria for merit pay? It didn’t work in the 70s and it won’t work now. Some of the principals who will be determining who gets merit pay, should be investigated. Why does he NOT go after the police unions and the fire unions…why only the teacher (ASSOCIATION) union? He must have had a bad teacher along the way. Haven’t we all??? He is such a politician!!!! He sounded like he was running for president …maybe that’s what he has planned…..not impressed with him or his speech and will not vote for him if he runs for president.

  11. Justamom says:

    Thanks Chris, we appreciate your common sense and your obvious integrity. Keep it up!

  12. Diane Clark says:

    Thank you, Governor Christie! I believe NJ actually has a prosperous future under your leadership. I may be able to continue to reside in my native state afterall.

  13. Samantha Eros says:

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s 2011 State of the State: OMG, Christie HATES public education. A school district does not fail only because of the teachers. It fails for a number of reasons. One home culture. If a child comes from a family who can not watch it after school, who is to make sure they are focusing on their education in their free time? The zip code, those who can not hold a higher paying job, generally does not have higher education, go to live where they find lower wage jobs. Motivation. If a child does not feel like they have a future because their parents don’t have one, then guess what they won’t work towards one. A teacher can stand in front of a class and do educational gymnastics, but if there is no motivation, if there is no will to grasp that education, then how can you expect a school to be successful. Yeah, no one wants to work in inner city schools. New teachers cut their teeth there and then they move on. Many are turned away from education because of risks to their safety and sainity. Oh yes, it is their fault for having higher education, and yes it is their fault for wanting a future for themselves, and yes it is their fault for wanting to do their best, but gosh darn it. A charter school would work so much better because of their unique and sometimes unorthadox form of education that does not match the reality of the work force and the chances these kids at being successful in college. Yes, govenor Christy, there are more seniors in study halls this year because of you. Yes, Christy, there are less vocational oppertunities for kids of this state because of you. Yes, Christy, there is fear of teachers of favoritizm if your policys go through, and guess what merit systems will be abused. And yes, Christy, my kids don’t have as many chances to focus on the arts because your reforms have caused their teachers to be fired. So, while you bleed your heart out for the Newark schools, you have hallowed out the state, caused a whole generation of New Jersey kids to become ampathtic towards education because their teachers can not make ends meet, and can not support their families. So, guess where their focus will be as their kids go crazy from bordom, neglect, and eventually, their motivation will be the same as those inner city kids. So, yeah, you haven’t helped the problem, you’ve made it worse.

  14. Marsha says:

    Having been a teacher for two years and a public employee for 35, I think the governor is on the wrong track. It is very easy to blame the unions but unions protect employees against nepotism which still exists. Ending tenure can easily make any employee a target of management. I have seen this happen and it is not based on competency but on personality and likability On the other hand, having been in a management position I have dealt with the union protecting employees who are incompetent. There must be a middle ground. It is almost impossible to document all that the incompetent employees does. It becomes a full time job and the other parts of the job do not get completed. One must have this to fire a person. Ratings for public employees must be satisfactory and those with two years of unsatisfactory ratings lead to termination. I have not seen this happen even though a small number of employees have received them. I do not want bad teachers in my school system nor do I want public employees who are incompetent.
    What I see is that the governor is singling out a portion of NJ citizens who try very hard to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.. He should be looking for every single form of corruption which seems to be rampant in this state. As a former prosecutor I imagine he knows what to do.

  15. Markross says:

    God Bless you Governor! You are exactly what this state needs! You are exactly what this country needs! You, sir, are the model of leadership!

    Thank you, and keep up the great work!

  16. Peter says:

    Anyone who thinks that police and firefighters should work until age 65, I invite to come with me into a burning building. Put on the boots, turnout pants, coat and helmet, combined weight of 70.6 lbs. Now, put on the airtank, weight about 30 lbs. Take a 1.75 inch hose line and advance it through the fire building to the seat of the fire, and put it out. Simple, right? Oh, one more thing. You can’t see the hand infront of you. You’re not sure where you’re going and it’s about 250 to 500 degrees. To make things even harder, you’re 60 years old. Let’s be real people! A fair exchange for an age to retire from the police and fire service is 55 years old, just as the state police have done for years. Let’s be real about this !

  17. Anne says:

    According to Mary, my husband and I are the enemies of New Jersey because we had the audacity to work in the public sector field. I retired two years ago after twenty-seven years of professional service as a School Social Worker and my husband is currently in his tenth year of employment for local government. My father worked for the State of New Jersey and he was one of the creators of our public health delivery system. My father had a doctorate in medicine; I have a Master’s in Social Work; and my husband has a BS degree and numerous technical certifications. As a School Social Worker, I worked alongside dedicated teachers, speech & language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and support staff. The ‘enemy’ union provided us with some protection against hostile work conditions. An administrator couldn’t come in and simply create charges against us when he didn’t agree with our decisions regarding a student; that influential or hostile parents didn’t have one of us fired simply because we were trying to help the student the child develop positive behavioral and interpersonal skills; and that staff members have adequate time to go to the bathroom and eat their lunch. The ‘enemy’ union spoke up for us when our salaries were significantly below other professionals with an equal or less educational credentials. When I accepted my first School Social Worker position in the middle seventies, many of my high school graduate friends salaries were higher then mine. It was Governor Kean who recognized the need for school professionals to make a decent salary and raised the minimal salary to $18,500. This is in a state with one of the highest costs of living in the USA.

    I maintain close relationships with teachers and other professionals working in NJ public schools and they are telling me horror stories about good employees being hounded out of their jobs. Administrators and BOE’s are going after excellent staff in attempts to get rid of them for various reasons. The ‘enemy’ unions are trying to keep their good staff who are being attacked. I guarantee you that if tenure is revoked that more good staff will be effected then bad ones. Although every organization has incompetent staff (my husband interacted with them in the private sector and they often weren’t fired but promoted) and over the years, I witnessed my colleagues try to work with them to improve their skills; compensate for their skill deficits, and eventually most of these individuals left before tenure could be revoked.

    Charter schools are primarily run by ‘for profit’ corporations and they are in it to make money. They will hire young teachers who will burn out in five years then move onto another career or to a public school. One of the biggest problems in the NJ schools is not enough teacher input not the ‘enemy’ union. In the underperforming schools, the teachers are working under very difficult circumstances with the most challenging children in the state. Many of these children are coming to kindergarten with many strikes against them and ,in order to overcome those obstacles, there must be a concentrated effort on the part of everyone not just the teachers.

    I am tired of the Governor pointing his fingers at the ‘enemy’ unions and teachers instead of working with them. He needs to keep the public’s anger directed at them rather then the hard solutions needed to remedy our state’s problems. Yes, there is a problem with pensions but a major cause is the lack of promised funding by local, county and state governments. The Governor refuses to act like an adult and admit that his ‘campaign’ promises must be broken to fix the problem. Our gas tax has not been raised since the 1980s’ and 1/3 of all gas is bought by out of state residents. If the gas tax was raised by a few cents and put into the pension funds, it would be a significant help to the pension funding problems.

    Many of our current retirees are individuals who worked for salaries far below the private sector and their pensions should not be disturbed. They entered their jobs with a contract and NJ residents can not simply break the contract because they don’t want to pay the bill. They deserve better then to be treated like the scapegoats for poor decisions made by our legislators and citizens.

    • John says:

      Ha, public workers. You guys live in fairy tales.

      • Susan says:

        Bitter and jealous…

      • Karen says:

        We do not live in “fairy land”. We chose to be public employees and did not expect to make money, like those in the private sector, the only draw was to receive a decent pension and good insurance. When we started paying for our health insurance, no one complained, now the Governor wants to go from 1.5% to 30% for health insurance of the course of 4 to 7 years is a bit ridiculous. Why doesn’t he look over our salaries and all the takes we pay etc. and talk to public employees, it will be a hardship for many to pay that much in health insurance. We don’t mind an increase, but don’t kill us with a huge increase. Of course I am speaking for myself and not all Public Employees.

  18. Anne says:

    In lieu of the shootings in AZ, I was deeply offended by the use of the word ‘enemy’ to describe teachers, social workers, doctors, nurses, police, custodians, etc. It is wrong and dangerous of the Governor to demonize public employees and to incite anger against them. I worked my lifetime as a public servant. There were many times that I was treated less then dirt by the public because they saw me as their ‘servant’. In fact, they told me ‘I can talk to you anyway that I feel because I pay your salary’. That is a frightening attitude.

    By the way, all of us pay for private sector salaries. You pay for the inflated salaries of the top executives in every corporation. Their inflated salaries and drive for profit are the underlying reasons behind the current economic crisis not your child and grandchild’s first grade teacher.

  19. Bill says:

    The teachers and public employees are living in a fantasy world. The Democrats keep pandering to the middle class they claim to represent, while Christie is the lone voice of sanity in Trenton. He’s not perfect and has made mistakes, but the career politicians and public employee unions that support them, must wake up! Politicians can’t create jobs (except public sector), so why do people still think they can? Tenure must go! Defined benefit pensions must go! Retiree health care must go! We can’t afford them. The Dems and career politicians still believe they fiddle while Rome burns. Go Chris! Stand strong!

  20. Peter says:

    This message board is very ‘jersey’ – not to mention biased and overly-politicized – keep attacking one another for having an opinion, it’s great 🙂

  21. Keesha says:

    thank God for our great Governor Christie!!

  22. Patti says:

    I agree with Peter, total “Jersey”. Go ahead and fight with one another because that’s how progress is made!

  23. laurel says:

    Gov Christie has it right. Why are democrats so clueless.

  24. Sue says:

    My family is behind you 100%, Governor Christie! Thank you for the progress and tenacious work of last year and the ambitious and necessary plan for 2011. NJ can and should be the role model for the other states in trouble. Be strong and firm. Our prayers are for a successful NJ!

  25. Bob says:

    I am not a teacher, I am a private worker; but I understand it takes a very special person to teach in our times: dysfunctional families, gang members in the classrooms, social problems, hate from media and powerful incompetent politicians, worst professional salaries, just to mention some. Countries which bash their teachers are called to fail. Rewarding and respecting our teachers seem to be a lost American tradition…I am ashamed. I voted for Cristie but I totally disagree with his position against teachers. Please think, there might be things that need to be revised, but let’s be honest and respect those who serve in one of the most difficult fields in our country: a teacher in an urban area.
    I would like to thank all the teachers who taught me in the NJ Public School System. I am a successful business man because of them.

  26. Antonio says:

    Eliminate teachers? No exactly. Eliminate supervisors, who are not even close as qualified as teachers and all they do is “invent” useless, irrelevant, and unnecessary paper work to justify their salaries and prevent teachers from doing their jobs. Eliminate the politicized Board of Education and the amount of clerical workers in the board buildings. Check Superintendent salaries and Assistants…please, don’t blame teachers, they are victims of what is going on between the Board and politicians.

  27. John Panico says:

    If NJ had funded the pension system as is their duty and not “STOLEN” money from it, there would be no problem.

    If lawmakers get their hands on the pension monies, which they have been trying to do for years to save their own necks, the budget can be balanced, their pockets can be filled and the state and taxpayers will really be in debt.

    Look how they have wasted money to date – now they want to get their hands on a pension system which is solvent because they have been kept out of it.

  28. annomous says:

    Where is Christie’s shared sacrifice. Look into his staff. He pays someone $60,000 per year to manage his Facebook accounts. What about all these trips he made to help out other peoples elections in other states. I am sure we are paying for that. Charter schools and vochers, that is his way of his rich friends kids going to private school for free. Why don’t we get some failing kids from Camdem, Passic, Newark and Paterson and give them vocuhers to go to his childrens schools. This guy is a fool and you are all buying into his bullying. Did he sign a bullying law he should be found guilty of bullying teacher, cop, etc.

  29. Get a grip says:

    Hey guys….get a grip Governor Christie is a POLITICIAN. Neither Democrats nor Republicans will look out for the LONG TERM GOOD of New Jersey. Our problems didn’t happen overnight and they can not be solved overnight. Cutting benefits, pensions, teachers…all sound good now but wait until in ten years our kids are poorly educated, welfare rolls are higher, our State economy is stalled due to less spending by those who can no longer afford to do so. Let’s remember Governor Whitman who allowed the State to stop its pension contributions….sounded good then but look now. Don’t blame and fight with each other…someone is getting rich in NJ and it is not us. The problem is that politicians keep us little guys fighting over all this stuff so we don’t pay attention to the fact that not one of them is struggling. Unite and fight the machine politics that have gotten New Jersey in the predicament that it is in. Don’t fall for the hype. Don’t allow NJ to be a poster child for a reform that will only get more politicians elected who have no ones benefit in mind but their own…..Wake up and smell the coffee. Fighting among the have nots only leads to lack of attention on the haves….they run away with the show while we write silly emails to each other.

  30. Louise says:

    I wish New York had you working for us. New Jersey is very lucky. Your future looks good.
    I only hope we have more leaders like Mr. Cristie for the coming years. I voted for you in spirt!

    Best regards, A New Yorker.

  31. Concerned Citizen says:

    Guys: Let’s discuss the issues intelligently with some facts here. Almost all of you are right in your own way. I also voted for a change for Mr. Christie but turned out he is same old republican who likes to bash unions, government workers which is easy thing to do to get popular in today’s environment where lot of people dont like the president’s spending and liberal ideas. Here is the facts which Mr. Christie is not right. He is bragging how he saved the state but I have not seen any property tax relief. Instead I am paying more for the clubs at schools, more property taxes etc. I know some of you would say that Mr. christie does not control towns. which is true but without looking at the smart way of saving money he just cuts the money for the local government. In addition if you dont pay for your share of the retirement benefit off course the system is on verge of going bankrupt. May be he needs to pay the share he was suppose to rather then crying about previous governers did not pay so He does not have to pay. I am proud of the public schools for the most part. MY daughter graduated with some high credential and is no pushover to some charter schools. All Mr. Christie is doing is protecting rich millionaires and trying to get all private sector working class fight against the working class who works for the government. This is divide and rule policy good old British used through out the world and failed. I got the message for Mr. Christie that I voted for you to make change. I did not like the spending in washington and I did not like many things Obama was doing. However I did not vote for you to just bash good old government workers. I agree some things are wrong about union but I dont think union are the reason pension is going bankrupt. The reason is last four Governors did not pay thier share while they keep collecting the money from the workers and local government. If any private sector company did this good old government would hold hearing to have them explain why they used people’s retirement funds for the other use. Let us not fight against each other adn go to the depth of the issues. Same teachers and government workers we are bashing are teaching our kids and also keeping us safe by maintaining roadways and bridges. Everyone has function in society. The root of all bad things are politicians in general who don’t tell you the truth and the media is extension of the politicians. They give more press coverage to the politician speeches to boost their own power. If they publish the facts all of us would be not be fighting against each other. I like this Gov for his bold approach in fighting the tough issues but some time he is stepping too much out of bound and almost creating bad feelings against the people who work for the Gov.
    Pleease don’t look at my grammer.

  32. Julian says:

    Those who fail in public schools probably come home to an empty house because the parent or parents have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. They aren’t able to see if that their child is studying or doing homework or able to help them with their studies.

    Another problem is that some students might not do well on standardized tests, but do better in other ways. For example some students can remember complex lyrics, but not simple test questions. Another example is if it is a hands on project associated with the test some students might remember test answers. Some students remember more easily with visual associations.

    Others who fail in public schools may need a longer time and personal attention to get what they are being taught. It is hard when you have a large class with one teacher or that there are demands on the teacher to faster in order to get everything required done leaving many students not comprehending fully or at all.

    Then there is a school limited budget mostly going to non classroom expenses or to the companies who design the standardize tests. The limited budget prevents many schools particularly in poor areas from having any teachers assistants in large classes that could help those students in the class who are having the most trouble learning. The limited budget limits the use of a variety of teaching aids that could help students better understand what the teacher was trying convey.

  33. Julian says:

    Those who fail in public schools might come home to an empty house because the parent or parents have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. They aren’t able to see if that their child is studying or doing homework or able to help them with their studies.

    Another problem is that some students might not do well on standardized tests, but do better in other ways. For example some students can remember complex lyrics, but not simple test questions. Another example is if it is a hands on project associated with the test some students might remember test answers. Some students remember more easily with visual associations.

    Others who fail in public schools may need a longer time and personal attention to get what they are being taught. It is hard when you have a large class with one teacher or that there are demands on the teacher to teach faster in order to get everything required on the standardized test done leaving many students not comprehending fully or at all.

    Then there is the school budget cut. The limited public school budget is mostly going to non classroom expenses and the companies who design the standardize tests. This limited budget prevents many schools particularly in poor areas from having any teachers assistants in large classes that could help those students in the class who are having the most trouble learning without holding back the whole class. The limited school budget limits the ability for the teacher to obtain a variety of teaching aids that could help students better understand what the teacher was trying convey.

  34. rich says:

    Well since we only have 2 choices in this corrupt country what would anyone with brains expect to get for results. Remember what Mr. Einstein said “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. The USA fits the definition. My grip with republicans is just what Mr. Christie is all about lies lies and tax cuts for his rich friends. How the hell can you give a tax cut to the wealthy and come back and try to balance a budget on the backs of labor??? Doesn’t that sound familiar and corrupt again to anyone else reading this??? Of course it does. Mr. Reagan did it in 86 with the air traffic controllers didn’t he and then he RAISED TAXES on the way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reagan a fiscal conservative increased spending over 8 years to the tune of 87%. Georgie W’s increase was a wopping 186% over his horrific 2 terms

    • Diana says:

      I notice you did not address Obama’s increased spending. Don’t say it was needed stimulums spending. it did not work and he is still in spend mode.

      • ATeacher says:

        President Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does it make u feel superior to disrespect him?? Get ur self esteem where ever u can 🙂

  35. Tyrone says:


    It is shameful that Republican Governor Chris Christie is being betrayed as a hero and the strong hand of the Republican Party! He is seen as nasty and disrespectful. Which in the eyes of the Republican base is good leadership! He has done NOTHING for New Jersey but be nasty and attack teacher! Also the white control media and the Republican Party is promoting Christie as a Republican Presidential candidate for 2012! For losing 400 million dollars in Federal money. For New Jersey and blaming the Federal Government! For increasing the Governor’s staff of people that make $90,000 to $130,000. From 11 under Corzine to 17 under Christie! For shutting down a project that would have brought in over 40 thousand jobs! For attacking shamefully teacher fireman and police officers! But especially teachers! Christie wants to eliminate tenure and make teacher more accountable! Which is wonderful! BUT in this country police officers have shot unarmed minority in the back while handcuffed. They are back to work before the victim is out the hospital or in the ground! They are not treated as harsh as Christie is treating teachers! Christie wants to get rid of teachers that student may not perform well and blame and or fire that teacher! WHICH IS WRONG! All children don’t learn at the same rate! What will happen if Christie gets his way! More children will be classified! So that teachers will not be judge by their poor learning children! Therefore special ED teacher will be needed at a higher cost then regular teachers!

  36. Tyrone says:


    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, is a false made up hero of 9/11! Just like Ronald Reagan !The white control media made up “America’s Mayor” after the 9/11 incident! Not only didn’t Rudy deserve that title Rudy knew he didn’t deserve that title. The day after 9/11 Rudy went to a wedding! The radio brought for firemen and police officers Rudy’s administration purchase where worthless communication at a $1,000 a pop! On 9/11/2001nearly 3,000 victims and the 19 hijackers died in the attacks. According to the New York State Health Department, 836 responders, including firefighters and police personnel, have died as of June 2009. Among the 2,752 victims who died in the attacks on the World Trade Center were 343 firefighters and 60 police officers from New York City and the Port Authority. 184 people were killed in the attacks on the Pentagon. The overwhelming majority of casualties were civilians, including nationals of over 70 countries. It took President Obama in 2010 to get a health plan pass for the responders of 9/11 NOT RUDY! He was more concern in his image! He was also more concern in cheating on his wife and publicly disrespecting her! The first time Rudy ran for President he won NOTHING! Not a single District!

  37. Bob says:

    Taxes go up service goes down,the rich get richer and the middle class goes down. Christie the anti Robin Hood.

  38. Tyrone says:


    WACO Texas 74 Americans burn to death by American law enforcement! Many children some as young as 2 months murdered by American law enforcement! REPUBLICANS SILENT!!!! The MOVE incident in Philly 11 Americans murder by American law enforcement! Nearly 100 homes burn to the ground by American law enforcement. Just to arrest one man with a warrant ( John Africa)! REPUBLICANS SILENT!! How come Republican politician criticize Muammar Gaddafi evil treatment of his citizen in his country! But in this country “America”! These lowlife double standard Republicans are silent when white police officer shoot and kill 92 year old black women( Kathryn Johnston)! Or a 7 year old innocent black child asleep! ( Aiyana Jones) first burn with a flash bomb then shot dead! Or the beating of (Rodney King)! In every state in the United State there are murders of unarmed American citizen, Republican could careless! Republican are quick to condemn evil oversea! But in this country when unarmed minorities are murder by law enforcement! THEY COULD CARELESS!! While American troops of all races are fighting and dying in two wars Afghanistan and Iraq! That Republican rule started! The Iraq war was needless and 4,400 died for their country for NOTHING! Republican want to go to Libya with military force and allow American troops to fight and die! For Libya citizen but in this country American minorities could go to hell….or in other just DIE! Republican could careless!!!!

  39. Tyrone says:


    America in the past selected 3 , 6 and 10 news channels to get our news! Today America has a choice of many news channels. Most of these new channel host are about spreading hate and divide and their opinion! So today 3,6 and 10 have turn into opinionated news where the pundit give opinion on the news. Either threw a right or left perspective Republican or Democrat or liberal conservative! The right under the first black President not only have become more opinionated but hateful! Lying about the President religion and his upbringing! Many times reporting on issue that is not a issue! Like the Libya incident! The right criticize President Obama handling. After his decision return American from Libya safely!!!! Where is the negative? The right found it NOTHING!! Hate seem to sell and Fox News does hate the best. They focus on the Republican base (white People) who they know. HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! And REPEAT IT! Never investigating pass the idiot the fool the racist that inform them. Especially if the information is against minorities! John Stossel was on 20/20. Left to join Fox News and change his liberal out look to pure negative about everything! Promoting hate seem to change a person! Hannity and Beck, Palin and O’Reilly have all to the right spread hate and divide. They have made more money then in the entire careers! Sarah Palin one of the proven idiot quit her job as Governor to spread lie and make money off those lies!

  40. Tyrone says:


    Anytime in American history you could pick a time. That white Americans have use racism and hate and divide against America and Americans! This evil has stop America from being the greatest country on earth! From enslaving blacks to cheating blacks with a sharecropping con! From discrimination separate and unequal “Jim Crow“! To not allowing blacks and women to vote! White militant approach taken by white supremacist groups has caused them to be watched closely by law enforcement officials. But allowed to grow with very little problem! Many of these white enforcement institution are ran by whites that feel the same hatred of minorities! That brings me to Donald Trump who has started asking is President Obama a American! He want to see President Obama birth certificate! All 43 white pass Presidents have never been asked to see their birth certificate! BUT!!!!! Martin Van Buren (December 5, 1782 – July 24, 1862) was the eighth President of the United States (1837-1841). Before his presidency, he was the eighth Vice President (1833–1837) and the 10th Secretary of State under Andrew Jackson (1829–1831).
    He was a key organizer of the Democratic Party, a dominant figure in the Second Party System, and the FIRST president not of British descent—his family was Dutch. He was the FIRST president to be born an American citizen, his pass 8 predecessors having been born British subjects before the American Revolution. He is also the only president not to have spoken English as his first language, having grown up speaking Dutch, and the first president from New York. Did the ignorance Tea Party and the down right stupid Donald Trump know THAT!!!!

  41. Tyrone says:


    Former Democrat President Clinton left office with a 800 billion dollar surplus! Republican President G.W. Bush receive that surplus and turn it into a 13 trillion dollar debt! During the time Bush was in office destroying America. With his horrible decisions. NEVER did you hear from Hannity, Palin, Beck and Rush. Claims of run away spending against the Bush‘s administration! NEVER!!!! Republicans pass a prescription plan NOT PAID FOR! Started a war in Iraq for NOTHING ( 4,400 and counting military dead for NOTHING)….. NOT PAID FOR! Started another war in Afghanistan with no plan….NOT PAID FOR! There was over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money to date under Bush! Not accounted for in Iraq! Republican today continue to charge President Obama’s administration with spending out of control! To date President Obama’s administration spend 1.5 Trillion dollars in two and a half years! The different between Bush and Obama most of that money was to stop the financial downfall Bush and the Republicans create! (1.) Stimulus Package 750 billion (2.) Unemployment 10 billion (3.) Military 300 billion! All necessary to keep America running! Unlike the Bush administration President Obama is spending money on the American people! To date 500 billion has been paid back from the stimulus package. In the end the stimulus package will earn America 300 billion in profit! To date know one ever talks about the 350 billion dollar stimulus package Bush spent. Nor how did it help or where did it go! Yet President Obama (who is clearly for all Americans) is criticize and called names! For doing the right thing for America! The last time a Republican President had a balance budget was under former President Eisenhower ! The last time the government was shut down was under Republican controlled house! There is so much evident to show how irresponsible and unprofessional Republicans are! Republican model is to take from the poor and the middleclass and give to the rich and super rich! There other model is when you have nothing to say resort to hate and dividing the country!

  42. Tyrone says:


    Marilyn Davenport, a white Fullerton resident, recently emailed a picture with President Obama’s face superimposed over a baby chimp’s face with the “caption, “Now you know why — No birth certificate!” After I saw the picture I must admit I was not surprise! White racism has always taken the lead in America! It has always been the go to! Whenever there is nothing to say positive or with intelligent. Low minded whites resort to racism! Or just when you think America is going toward racial change! A white Republican say NO! The picture is provocative, but the responses to the cartoon are what’s most telling. I’m glad this cartoon was published. I’m even more pleased with the transparency of the responses; as they really expose where this country is. Where white racism is! Here are some interesting things for consideration: Often times in surveys taken questioning the relationship of whites with blacks, white commentators consider most conflicts in a historical context often making comments like, “I think we’re past all that stuff now”. -Mind you, similar responses occurred during the marked times of Jim Crow when lynching’s, bombings, tarring were common place. Likewise during the most notable periods of Mexican, Japanese and Chinese exploitation. Curiously, as people of color were directed the same questions, most answers identified a serious dissatisfaction or need for improvement. Now, instead of explicit denial we have something worse clichés like, “let it go” or “can’t we just move on”. When a member of the white race has anything aggressed toward them that disrupt their comforts or entitlements, their reactions are often extreme, yet in their minds always justified. People of color have long tried to move on. What do you think the Black, Brown, Red and Yellow Power movements were all about? To gain the capacity to move on -justly!! The thought of waking up in the morning without the constant reminders of minority ship and without the entitlement culture always taken the liberty to define and explain that which they have never lived is what the fight has always been about.

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