Power Plant Bill Has Strong Opposition

By Ed Rodgers
With the Oyster Creek reactor closing in nine years and no new generating stations constructed New Jersey needs to build a new power plant to handle its base load and reduce a 400 million dollar charge consumers now pay.  However, a coalition of 520 businesses and utilities, including PSE&G, say the proposed bill will provide more than a billion dollars in subsidies for unnecessary power plants.  Environmentalists also oppose it saying funding to develop cleaner renewable energy sources would be used for facilities that burn natural gas and coal.

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One Response to Power Plant Bill Has Strong Opposition

  1. Luis M. Perez says:

    What is wrong with using natural gas? . It is far cleaner than coal. Green energy is far too expensive at this time .
    Envirometalist have an idea that it will solve our enegy needs , but at what cost. it has not worked in Spain , in Germany the people are willing to pay for it. here we do want to pay for it . at least not at this time when the economy is hardly growing.

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