Reporters Roundtable – Friday, January 7, 2011

Hosted by Michael Aron
Governor Chris Christie’s Transportation Trust Fund plan, Justice Rivera-Soto withdraws from seeking reappointment from Governor Christie, the resignation of Republican State Chairman Jay Webber, Governor Christie’s Republican Presidential Poll, and blizzard backlash. Read more of this post

Transportation Trust Fund Follow-up

By Zachary Fink

 While Governor Christie asserts that his 8 billion-dollar plan to fund transportation projects over the next five years does not raise any new taxes Read more of this post

Multi-million Dollar Gift Survey Questioned

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

After Mark Zuckerberg donated 100 million dollars to Newark’s chronically underperforming schools Mayor Cory Booker championed a “relentless outreach campaign.”  Read more of this post

Another Dose of Snow

By Desiree Taylor

 Another round of snow blanketed the Garden State today with accumulations from one to four inches.  Read more of this post