President Clinton Visits Superfund Site in NJ

NJN News Archive: March 11, 1996

President Bill Clinton highlighted the difference between Democrats and Republicans on environmental issues by visiting the Industrial Latex Superfund site in Wallington, Bergen County.  Read more of this post

Winter Weather Health Concerns

By Sara Lee Kessler

There’s something about frigid air that causes blood vessels to constrict as the body tries to prevent heat loss, putting patients at greater risk for myocardial infarction, or heart attack.  Read more of this post

Stranded Travelers Ask Can We Get There from Here?

By Desiree Taylor

Stranded travelers at Newark Liberty International Airport were a telling sign of the backlog of flights caused by Sunday’s storm.  Read more of this post

Several Towns May Ask for Waivers on Property Tax Increase Cap to Help Pay for Blizzard Costs

By Jerry Henry

Acting Governor Steve Sweeney has directed the governor’s chief counsel to begin assessing which counties will qualify for federal disaster aid due to the high cost of cleaning up after Sunday’s blizzard.  Read more of this post