New Law Helps With Electronic Waste

By Ed Rodgers

New programs have been created as a new law banning the disposal of electronic waste takes affect on January 1. The waste materials contain toxic heavy metals and are hazardous to the environment. Read more of this post

NJ Residency Requirement For Government Jobs

By Zachary Fink

The State Legislature gave final approval to require new government hires at any level to live in New Jersey. Read more of this post

Sweeney Pushing Sharing Services

By Dari Mandell

The Senate President urges towns to get serious about sharing services, and looks to push legislation to force communities to share or lose state aid. It’s on ongoing drive to lower property taxes. Read more of this post

Harness Racing Closer to Privatization

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority took a key step to negotiating an agreement to privatize Standard Bred Racing at the Meadowlands. Read more of this post

NJ Helps Katrina Victims

NJN News Archive: September 22, 2005

A team of nearly 200 New Jersey personnel travelled to New Orleans to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Read more of this post