Six Flags Great Adventure Fire Aftermath

NJN News Archive: May 14, 1984

 Investigators poured over the charred remains of the Haunted Castle amusement site, at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township, Read more of this post

Governor’s Town Hall Meeting in Clinton

By Jerry Henry

During his 17th town hall meeting Governor Christie again called on the Democrat-controlled legislature to act on his tool kit measures Read more of this post

NJ Legislature Puts Sports Betting on Election Ballot

By Adrienne Supino

Lawmakers are considering changing the way people can gamble in New Jersey by placing a sports betting question on the November election ballot.  Read more of this post

Veterans Healthcare Program Making a Difference

By Sara Lee Kessler

The new Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services Program, which began as a pilot program 18-month ago, is making a major difference Read more of this post

Senate & Assembly Continue to Advance Back to Work NJ Program

By Zachary Fink

 Both the Senate and Assembly advanced bills aimed at giving incentives to businesses, such as, tax breaks.  Read more of this post