Natural Gas Drilling Regulations

Officials with the Delaware River Basin Commission have introduced draft regulations for overseeing the drilling for natural gas in the watershed. The activity has faced opposition because of the impact on water quality. Read more of this post

Senate & Assembly Consider “Back to Work NJ” Jobs Initiative

By Michael Aron

 The “Back to Work NJ” jobs initiative was the order of the day for legislators in both the Senate and Assembly.  Read more of this post

John Lennon Murdered

NJN News Archive: December 8, 1980

 John Lennon, one of the most controversial and outspoken members of the Beatles, was gunned down outside his Manhattan apartment Read more of this post

Governor Christie Town Hall Meeting: Livingston

By Desiree Taylor

Governor Christie held his 16th town hall meeting in the town where he grew up – Livingston.  Read more of this post

Development Lead to Pollution of Barnegat Bay and Shore Waterways

By Ed Rodgers

Seven environmental organizations issued a report claiming development along the rivers and waterways that lead to the Barnegat Bay has put more Read more of this post