Contaminant Found in Brick Township Water

By Ed Rodgers
The NJ Department of Environmental Protection has been sampling 31 different public water supplies in New Jersey for the substance called PFOAs.  It is the main ingredient in teflon and stain resistance substances.  A water sample taken from the Brick Township Municipal Utility Authority was above the NJ guidance level but below the federal standard. DEP officials say they are now conducting follow-up tests on both the raw and finished water that goes to consumers’ homes.

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One Response to Contaminant Found in Brick Township Water

  1. funfundvierzig says:

    For decades, DuPont’s customarily secretive and evasive executives and their PR con artists have been spinning and charading their extraordinarily toxic Teflon chemical, PFOA or C8, as perfectly SAFE, as innocent and humanly harmless as Snow White herself.

    If PFOA is harmless, why has the U. S. EPA insisted upon its phase-out? Why did the EPA civilly prosecute DuPont and levy the largest civil fine and penalty in the agency’s history for two decades worth of coverups and suppression of studies and critical data involving this insidiously toxic industrial chemical?

    If PFOA is perfectly SAFE, why was DuPont Management forced on behalf of a DuPlicitous DuPont six years ago to settle a PFOA contaminated drinking water class action affecting 100, 000 residents in the mid-Ohio Valley for $110 million, a sum which may ultimately soar to $343 million or more?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


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