Opposition to TSA Screening Procedures at Airports

By Jerry Henry
Opposition to screening procedures at airports around the country is growing.  Many groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, are joining forces with members of the Senate and Assembly and calling on Congress to prohibit the use of full body scans.  The full body scans create a computerized image of a person’s body.  Some believe there may be health concerns over the use of the scanner.  Other’s object to the pat down search, which is used for those who elect not to be scanned, as humiliating and invasive.

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3 Responses to Opposition to TSA Screening Procedures at Airports

  1. Before this issue became the hottest topic on the news I subjected to what was the most humiliating experience ever and feel the need the share my story.

    For the past 28 years I have had a colostomy and have never been ashamed or uncomfortable to discuss it, however on November 6, 2010 that sentiment ended when I was going through security at the Tampa Airport.

    I was never told that what I was stepping into was a full body scanner or that I had an option to not go through it. After going through the body scanner I was held and repeatedly asked if I had anything in my pockets. After telling the agent no and finally realizing what they may have seen I explained about the colostomy. She and another female agent took me into a room where I was told to unbutton my pants and pull down my undergarments to reveal the bag I wear on my right side due to the surgery.

    I believe we need to be cautious about our security but there needs to be a better balance between being thorough and making someone feel violated. I felt very violated that night and totally embarrassed by what I experienced. I truely believe the TSA overstepped their bounds that evening. I was so shocked by what was happening that I was speechless and once out of the room was finally reunited with my family where I couldn’t even explain what I was feeling to them. Not only was I taken to a room for this most invasive screening but I was not permitted to gather any of my belongings, including my handbag, that had gone through the normal screening. I was lucky to have family there that looked after my possessions. If I was traveling alone who knows what may have happened to my personal belongings.

    I hope our government finds a way to keep those of us who have no control over what might be seen on a scanner safe and free from continued assault on our persons.

  2. john says:

    i think we should find another way to do it i find pat dows to intrusive and refuse to fly.

  3. Rhonda says:

    If you refuse to fly, please call the airlines and tell them. Be sure you say the reason is that you refuse to have naked pictures taken of you, to be irradiated, and to be sexually molested by TSA.

    If enough people inform the airlines of their boycott, the airlines will pressure the government.

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