Peace Corps Celebrates 50th Anniversary

By Jerry Henry
Fifty years ago some of the first Peace Corps volunteers gathered at Rutgers New Brunswick for training.  Today many of those volunteers came back to celebrate 50 years of volunteer service.  It all began with an executive order signed by President Kennedy in 1961.  Over the years more than 200 thousand volunteers have served in the Peace Corps.

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One Response to Peace Corps Celebrates 50th Anniversary

  1. Bradford Whipple says:

    Thank you for the extensive and favorable coverage given to our group, Colombia One, when we revisited the New Brunswick Campus of Rutgers University. I am a member of that group and served my two years in north-central Colombia in El Valle de San Jose.
    When we were greeted by the members of the print and television media during the Summer of 1961 many of us felt that we were swimming in a tank of Mako Sharks, where all want to scoop the others to say something good or, where possible something politically edgy-snarky. Last week however, was soft and sweet for us, most of us 70 years of age or older. We are proud of what we tried to do and happy that those in the Media also seem proud and supportive….Thank you from Sugar Hill, New Hampshite, Home of Bode Miller and I will race him on my birthday April 2, 2011 at Cannon Mountain- Franconia, NH.

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