NJ Income Tax Not As High As Other States

By Zachary Fink
According to New Jersey Policy Perspective, Governor Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, did not pay the top tax rate last year, even though their combined income was more than  half a million dollars. Read more of this post

NJ College Bans Smoking

By Sara Lee Kessler
Brookdale Community College in Monmouth County is clamping down on smoking on campus.  Read more of this post

Last Day for Extended Unemployment Benefits

By Adrienne Supino
Two federal programs which provide up to 73 weeks of aid, in addition to 26 weeks of state benefits, will expire unless Congress acts by midnight.  Read more of this post

Newark Police Layoffs Take Effect

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn
The layoff of 167 Newark police officers marks the largest police force reduction in 32 years.  Read more of this post

Survey Says Economy Still at Recession Levels

By Jerry Henry
Over 1300 New Jersey businesses surveyed say they have seen some economic improvement but 60 percent said they were still in a recession.  Read more of this post

Contaminant Found in Brick Township Water

By Ed Rodgers
The NJ Department of Environmental Protection has been sampling 31 different public water supplies in New Jersey for the substance called PFOAs.  Read more of this post

Atlantic City Airport Recognized for Low Fares

By Joe Bisicchia
Through October over 1.2 million passengers used the Atlantic City International Airport, also known as ACY.  Read more of this post

Ocean Gate Police Officer Killed by Drunk Driver

By Jerry Henry
Ocean Gate residents are in mourning for police officer Jason Marles, 32, who was killed by an alleged drunken driver.  Read more of this post

NJ After 3 Funding in Question

By Desiree Taylor 
All of the three million dollars allocated in the state budget for NJ After 3, an organization that oversees many after school programs throughout the state, has not been received.  Read more of this post

NJ Fails to Secure 14 Million for Charter Schools

By Zachary Fink
Democrats want to know why New Jersey failed to secure 14 million dollars in federal education funds to expand charter schools.  Read more of this post