Turnpike Authority to Privatize Public Toll Collectors

By Jerry Henry
The state could begin accepting bids as early as December from private operators to collect tolls on the Atlantic City Expressway and the Garden State Parkway.   Transportation Commissioner James Simpson echoed the Governor’s Task Force recommendations that said the state could save over 40 million dollars by privatizing the union jobs.  Simpson also stated the bids could extend beyond toll collection because the process will give the state a comparison in hopes of finding the best price for services.

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One Response to Turnpike Authority to Privatize Public Toll Collectors

  1. jay samith says:

    The state fails to mention that the turnpike authority is a private company already. Meaning its own by private bond holders. The only reason that thestate has a big pinch on the authority is because the authority is a cash cow that they cannot get a hold of. The employees are in the state pension system because they serve the ciztens of new Jersey by maintaining one of most traveled roadways of the world. Someone is on a kick of privatizing but fails to mention that he’s not going with companies from nj. Oh that’s right we have a Guy as the commissioner of the DOT THATS NOT EVEN FROM THIS STATE! No wonder why he’s attacking various agencies and hides behind the “task force by the governor” as a citizen of new Jersey I would want an investigation on Simpson.

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