ARC Tunnel Project Overrun Cost in Question

By Joe Bisicchia
Conflicting versions of the final price for the ARC tunnel project are emerging with three anonymous government officials claiming that the estimate Governor Christie gave is inflated by four billion dollars.  The officials, who have direct knowledge of the tunnel but are not authorized to speak publicly about it, see the estimated cost at under ten billion.  Governor Christie has postponed making a decision about ending the tunnel project until next week.

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One Response to ARC Tunnel Project Overrun Cost in Question

  1. Anne says:

    It would not surprise me that Governor Christie would overestimate the tunnel’s course as it would support his national image as a ‘fiscal conservative’ who is not afraid of making tough choices. If correct, it supports my perception of him as a manipulative ideologue who dislikes any facts that do not support his viewpoint. Unfortunately his decision to stop the building of the tunnel hurts people; the previously employed staff working on the tunnel including the construction workers, engineers, etc. and the current and future NJ to NYC commuters (or the NYC to NJ commuters). New Yorkers moved to NJ because of lower priced homes along with the same or shorter work commute along with very good public schools. If you take away the new tunnel and destroy our highly rated public schools, NJ will become less and less attractive place to live.

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